Through the seasonsThrough the seasons

The spring :

The spring at La Flambelle

Spring arrives gently at La Flambelle.
On footpaths, the bells of mountain herds can be heard.
The grass on the pasture is fresh and fragrant, as the snow melts away....

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The summer :

The summer at  La Flambelle

Families in search of fresh air and activities for children, lovers of sport and adventure, the mature traveller in search of peace, or just simply lovers of nature, La Flambelle, in the summer, meets everyone's needs…

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The autumn :

The autumn at La Flambelle

Each tree takes a different colour.
La Flambelle glows with radiant happiness.
The sun shines ardently.
Autumn is here...

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The winter :

The winter at La Flambelle

It's winter at La Flambelle !
The Pyrenees are covered with snow, to the delight of all those who enjoy downhill skiing or sliding in some form or another.

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