Partners of La FlambelleThe partners

  • Sporting partnerships :

Alexandre Mounier, climbing instructor


Alexandre Mounier, climbing instructor, is available to teach the skills and transmit his passion for climbing to people of all ages. Climbing trips or day outings, improving your technique, traditional or sport climbing...

Gay Pyrenean Walks

Gay Pyrenean Walks

Created in 1997 by a group of friends from the Ardour – between Bayonne and Tarbes - Gay Pyrenean Walks organises one walk a month for all those who enjoy discovering and sharing the pleasure of the mountains, in a spirit of friendship and good humour, a relaxed and convivial atmosphere...

  • Cultural partnerships :

Aspet Tourist Officet

Aspet Tourist Office

At 2 km from La Flambelle, the canton of Aspet has a wealth of information about this marvellous lanscape, shaped by mountain, water and forest. A diversity of rare and remarkable landscapes inviting you to explore...